The corporate mission of Pixels Innovation is to create a new businessmodel, one that not only protects but also regenerates the environment and establishes social and economical values.


Pixels Innovation reduces waste streams in the coffee chain by using coffee bean components that have never been used before. We work with what we have: we use the entire coffee cherry, including the cascara. In the traditional coffee industry cascara is considered as waste, but for Pixels Innovation it’s the basis of our story!


Cascara is rich in fiber and contains a high value of nutritious and healthy antioxidants which makes our coffee bar an easy, very healthy body and mind boosting alternative to coffee. The coffee bar as a finished product is packaged in a biodegradable - microplastic free - and compostable sleeve.


Pixels Innovation only works with Colombian farmers that work 100% organic. By selling the whole coffee bean including the cascara, they realize an increase in income.


Furthermore Pixels Innovation actively encourages farmers to take care of their native forest by planting trees as a way to reforest.

Pixels Innovation, a healthy coffee bar full of future!