The corporate mission of Pixels Innovation is creating a new businessmodel, one that not only protects but also regenerates the environment and establish social and economical values.


Pixels Innovation reduce waste streams in the coffee chain by using coffee bean components that have never been used before: we use the whole coffee cherry!

We only work with Colombian farmers that are 100% organic, that do not use plastics throughout the whole coffee production chain, and that are eliminating monoculture and are taking care of their native forrest by planting trees as a way to reforest. We provide the basis to take back the population of 'Meliponas' or 'Angelitas' (little angels), an extraordinary and a keystone local species responsible for the pollination of all flora of Latin Ameria. The 'little angels' are a strong symbol for the recovery of endemic biodiversity.

We create local job opportunities at farmers level since we will process all premier materials locally – no more creating added value outside of the farmers’ country. Steep increase in employment and no more exportation of added value to EU/US/ASIA. This promotes and encourages local families to believe again in the future of coffee and responsible farming. It brings back the core family values and strenghten the community.

By selling the whole coffee bean including the parts that haven’t been used before, farmers realize an increase in income. Because we work with what we have: we use the entire coffee cherry. In the traditional coffee industry the skin and flesh (cascara) of the coffee bean are considered as waste, but for Pixels Innovation those are the basis of our story!

Next to selling the whole coffee cherry there is also the implementation of other business models and additional cashflows comes on the farmers table: honey (from the 'little angels) and mushrooms.

Coffee Bar
The first product that Pixels Innovation will enter the world of in 2021 is an edible coffee bar made from the residual product of the coffee industry: cascara, which represents 40-45% of the coffee cherry. This cascara is usually discarded or burned by coffee farmers as wasteful byproduct. Pixels Innovation uses the whole coffee cherry, including the cascara and the coffee bean. This reuse valorizes and closes the coffee chain; a worthless waste stream is turned into a valuable product. Cascara is rich in fiber and contains a high value of nutritious and healthy antioxidants. Therefore cascara gives a positive boost to your body and brain performance.

Our coffee bar consists of ingredients including cascara, coffee beans and cocoa butter. All these ingredients are organically grown (under shadow) and processed locally in Colombia, without leaving any waste in production. The use of plastics and microplastics is completely excluded from our supply chain. The coffee bar as a finished product will be packaged in a biodegradable –microplastic free - and compostable sleeve.


Coffee farmers can use the cascara for sustainable reuse. They are not left with the apparent waste of the coffee beans, but can sell this product and thus generate additional income. Sometimes farmers burn this 'residual product' or it is discarded - thus polluting the landfill and creating CO₂ which ofcourse is harmful to the environment. Using the whole coffee cherry into a high-quality new product means a large reduction of CO₂. Pixels Innovation encourages value creation as close to the source as possible for the benefit of the farmers. Pixels Innovation does this by investing in production sites and facilities, at the front of the coffee chain. Based on our corporate values, we are committed to develop and support these and new economic activities around natural products such as coffee, cocoa etc. The core values of the family and their role in the field are fundamental to ensure a viable and dignified future in the field, as well as a creation of a social fabric in the village and the community.

Reforestation plays a fundamental role for Pixels Innovation. We look forward strengthening biodiversity and the well-being of non-native species. Farmers are encouraged to use their extra income to plant trees and to move from their current monoculture to production symbiotic with nature. For example, by establishing an agroforest, an agro-ecological system of diverse agricultural uses on the same plot. All this results in reforestation; a diverse healthy forest with healthy soil, clean water and air without the use of chemicals. Another component of the coffee bar is cocoa. Coffee farmers could be encouraged to grow cocoa trees. Growing and selling cocoa could provide a extra income stream for these coffee farmers. This results in new jobs and economic and social wealth, as well as reforestation and biodiversity. Over time, the business model of Pixels Innovation develops an integrated system that promotes the biodiversity of all species of the 'Five Kingsdoms of Nature' (animals, plants, fungi, protist and micro organisms or monera), to improve the quality and quantity of biomass generated in the same environment. 

The coffee bar from Pixels Innovation is a high-quality new product that contains the same cafeine content as a regular espresso. The cafeine is completly absorbed by the cocoa butter of the coffee bar. This not only creates a feeling of smoothness, it also causes a more gradually and complete absortion than cafeine in liquid form: the effect of cafeine on your body lasts longer, it creates a 4hours effect! So you need less coffee to experience the same energy boost, and you don’t have any peaks and jitters after drinking too much coffee. Cascara is packed with antioxidants and fiber, those are important natural micronutrients that help prevent or slow down certain cell damage in your body and brain; they help fight damage caused by pollution, stress and poor nutrition. With the coffee bar from Pixels Innovation, coffee lovers will always have their beloved coffee at hand, even when water is not available. Our coffee bar is ready to use.