• Changing the business model of the coffee chain resulting in more income for coffee farmers by adding value to former 'waste' (cascara)

  • Active reduction of waste streams by using parts of the coffee cherry that have never been used before

  • Increased social and economic value through increased income and job creation

  • Reducing farmers' waste by using 100% of the coffee tree’s resources

  • Contributing to biodiversity and reforestation by replacing monoculture coffee cultivation with symbiotic production with the forest

  • With 50 mg of cafeine in 1 coffee bar, it contains as much cafeine as one espresso

  • The coffee bar is a healthy alternative to coffee.

    Our coffee bar:
    - is an 100% organic product

    - is rich in fiber
    - is rich in antioxidants
    - provides a more diffuse cafeine intake
    - gives a positive boost to your body and brain: it promotes mental clarity and focus
    - is mindboosting and concentration empowering due to the great ingredients
    - is a healthy alternative to energy drinks such as RedBull and Nalu

  • No more waiting in a line at the barista, no more having to dispose of an empty can leaking in your car or spilling at your desk: eat the bar, experience the flavour, enjoy the longlasting cafeine boost and simply throw away the biodegradable packaging.

Pixels Innovation, a healthy coffee bar full of future!